"But I did have desire and faith that if I shared my talent, good would come from it, for others as well as myself—which I believe are the two main reasons why I was able to overcome anything at all. Through that desire and faith I managed to bridge this gap between my personality and my passion."

Chords of Strength, David Archuleta, pp. 183-184

February 16, 2014

A day that started fine and quiet, also a day that ended up so devastated and sad. Last Friday, it was my first time to tell an audience the part of me that I never wanted to go back to. It all started there… when I recalled back the bad memories I had.

The reason I could relate to Charlie was because we’re the same. Bad, psycho, selfish, and a trying-hard. I wonder sometimes, the hardest I tried to make the people around me comfortable and happy of my existence, the more force of evil tries to get into the way. Seems like the universe never wanted me to be just happy. Every time I think I get into the maximum level of my happiness, my past just keeps coming back.

I never wanted to be bad. I never wanted to be selfish, inappropriate, inconsiderate, and mean. All I ever wanted is every time my “problem” gets into the scene, I just desire that those moments I made them happy and peaceful remain. But life is not like that. People will only remember the bad memories, every time you make another one. And, just remain normal, act normal, don’t care if you do good.

And that’s what I hate, the force that will keep on reminding you and most especially the people around you, the kind of person you never intented to be. That’s what I feel right now. So, I guess an ice cream and my violin playlist will keep me sane.


Alam ko handa na ko eh. Handa na puso ko at utak ko (pwera pera ko). Kung sino ka man, swerte mo naman. Super handa na ko kapag dumating ka.

Before I had my college life started…. I wrote this. (May 11, 2013) ♡

Math11 exam on Monday. T_T I still have to study all these stuff.

Throwback: This is so last sem. ♡ Hahahaha

Happy 3rd anniversary girls! Love you, can’t imagine the 3 years without you. Through ups and downs up to FOREVER ♡ First video on ig beside the hacked video of my sis. #stg

Sunday selfie w/ Ate Bangs on the background, selfie buddy.

#ootd Sorry for dancing too hard. LOL

Happy New Year!!! ☆★☆★☆ #yearenderselfie


2013 is the craziest and the fastest year ever. It bring tons and tons of surprises including crushes, love, college, friends, and family. I would and should not forget this year, one of the most epic. Tons of changes and challenges. Thanks 2013!


Lola’s advise for the year. Really thanks! Love you!



Tweets tweets

First uploaded picture of the year. Yey!!! 

Thesis, oh. OH, Thesis.

Barkada moments. Tambay mode. Miss ko ‘to.

STG love <3 People that I know no matter what the year is will always be there.

When UPCAT Results came out, it was so unexpected. Super! As in nagulat ako at kasama pangalan ko. Grabe, dahil dun nagbago talaga ang buhay ko. :”> Thank You po ulit sa blessing na ‘yun. <3

I could still remember this bukingan moment noong birthday ni Ms. Lyn. Grabe, di ko naimagine yung natuklasan ko noong gabing ‘yun. Pero friendship is friendship.

Isa ito sa mga hindi ko makakalimutang bonding with my gals. We were at Lindy’s place. We really partied by ourselves.

At syempre, pagpasok ng taong 2013… may mga nakakatawa rin naman. Ito yung trip ako ni Vey. Sira ulo ‘yun, papaselosin lang si Gle ay ginamit pa ko. Ginulo nya buhay ko noong mga panahong ‘yun.

At ang nakakalokang hula ni Sir Joms na hindi naman nangyari sa’kin buong 2013. Kasi naman wala pa ‘kong nakikilalang GWAPO at lalo nang LALAKE. Saklap ng layf, nauubos na mga straights.

At syempre, dahil ang ganda-ganda ko (JOKE, BIG JOKE)… admirers are everywhere. LOL. Pero isa si Lance sa mga ‘yun. Mabait na bata ‘yan. Syempre, dahil mabait din ako… ayoko makasakit. So, stay friends we did?

JS PROM. Pinaka masayang JS Prom na naisagawa sa buong mundo. (Joke) Pero ang saya talaga nyan. We went to Paris.

Hay naku, hindi ko talaga nakalimutang lumandi noong 2013. Pagpasok kasi ng 2013, ‘yun yung inatupag ko kaya naman naging simula lang sya at hindi nagtagal. Shocks, ang ano ko! :”>

Graduation came. I was so excited when it came yet as I reminisce it now, I feel so sad. Dapat pala matagal pa sya dumating. I actually miss them and the times I had with them. My everyday was used to spend with them and just waste it with laughter and happiness. Memories. <3

I Still had a lot of stuff to post that happened to my 2013. What a beautiful year. Major points ang mga nilalaman nya. Ang saya, lungkot, halo-halo. Grabe. Thank you talaga 2013.

Things are flipping and twisting. Hope this still be a merry Christmas.

Cristina Carlota Tampipi po! Chichay for today, ♡♡♡♡ #ootd

Hope that this one won’t pixel. #SundaySelfie